1. "Two states became the first to legalize marijuana for recreational use Tuesday, but it’s not just users that may get a high as a result…" 

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  2. We get asked this question frequently at the UC Berkeley SAGE Scholars Program. What would you do?

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  4. huffingtonpost:

    Some psychologists have long claimed that the qualities that make for a high-achieving politician or stockbroker are also the same traits that psychopaths have in abundance.

    Other researchers generalize it to bosses as a species, saying that about 4 percent of all executives are psychopaths — and that their relative lack of scruples is what helps them excel in business.

    At the same time, the fast-moving, high-pressure environment of Wall Street probably compromises the mental health of some of its employees. A recent study found that many young bankers developalcoholism, insomnia, eating disorders and other stress-related ailments within just a few years on the job.

    Stockbrokers have also been shown to experience clinical depression at a rate more than three times as high as the general population.

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    One Out Of Every Ten Wall Street Employees Is A Psychopath, Say Researchers

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  6. Sierra Leone

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  7. Gwen! She’s too cool. 

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  9. Because the Bay’s weather goes from happy to sad in mere minutes. Doc’s it is.

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  10. NASA has released radio emissions from Saturn that were detected by the Cassini spacecraft in 2002! 

    Whether you’re a space nerd like myself or not, this is TOO dope to not check out.

    How sick would it be to sample this sound?! Yikes!